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eco friendly seo

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  • Green SEO Strategy
  • Appliances with lower carbon footprints
  • Eco-friendly flight options
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Hotels with sustainability efforts
  • Green Results Are Reliant on Searcher Intent 
  • Define terms — for yourself and the readers of your content
  • Link to credible sources — such as the CDC or EPA
  • Less competition: Less than half of the global market is prioritizing the environment at present.
  • Use www.ecosia.org
  • Research variations of key terms — and choose the best term for the specific sustainability effort you are talking about
  • Defining environmentalism terms — when talking about your use of these eco-conscious practices to make it easier for readers to understand the impact
  • Identifying specific pain points of your ideal, eco-conscious client — and providing actual solutions
  • Only use eco terms that you understand — and explain how you incorporate them into your business clearly
  • Providing a link between your niche subject to the proper eco-friendly subject — by using internal links and mentioning each facet in adjacent articles
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