SEO for Your Industry

SEO services adapted for your Industry needs

SEO can be effective for every industry, and we know how to do great work for a few select ones.

Do you have a Fintech startup that wants to make a name for itself? Or a new NGO that doesn’t know how to attract more users to your website? We are here to help you. Our team is specialized in industries for which we’ve previously worked with clients and delivered great results.

seo for industries


Scale your business and convert more users

Our team will analyze all the needs of your business in order to develop & implement data-driven strategies that can help improve your MRR and help you get for leads.

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YMYL – Your Money or Your Life

Fintech is an industry where every detail matters, and where genuine expertise is expected from both the users and Google.

We will help you build authoritative content that helps inform & educate your potential customers.

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Real Estate

Talk about local SEO and how it helps when wanting to rank for specific geo-locations and to attract organic traffic from those areas

A section about all aspects of SEO that are needed: On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, Local SEO

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IT & Technology

Know Your audience very well and define their buyer persona

Create a list of keywords that your prospects may be using in search engines

Regularly Publish Fresh Content

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Having your website content optimized for the users and based on keyword research can help you improve conversion rates as you already answer their possible queries

Mention how insurance agents, agencies, and brokers can all benefit from having a website that’s SEO optimized

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Generating more local attention: If your charity or nonprofit hosts local events, an effective local SEO strategy can help you rank higher in your area for those looking for volunteer opportunities.

Making your social media more effective: SEO practices can work hand in hand with social media channels — an increasingly important method of staying in touch with existing and new donors.

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A section about creating informative content centered around the websites’ available blockchains or coins so that users know what they can buy/exchange

Focus on informative articles if the project is not that well-known yet so that they can attract traffic from more well-known topics while also explaining their vision/features

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Always keep hotel, restaurant, spa, and other hours up to date. Leverage FAQs and be ready to answer. Monitoring Competitor Visibility And Performance

Suitable for: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Catering, Chalets, Fast Food, Ski Resort, Coffee Shops, Canteens, Pub, Wine Bar, Travel Agency, Tour Operators

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Presentation Websites

A section that expands on the importance of having an optimized website that showcases your skills to potential clients

Mention how having information about what you can work on/deliver to your clients helps them in their consideration process, as you already can answer future questions they might have

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Eco/Bio Websites

Defining environmentalism terms — when talking about your use of these eco-conscious practices to make it easier for readers to understand the impact

Identifying specific pain points of your ideal, eco-conscious client — and providing actual solutions

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Does your industry need SEO?

Each industry can benefit from SEO optimizations as people will always use search engines to find their desired information and look for products/services. Having the right SEO elements in place, you can start ranking organically and attract free traffic for your business.

How can your Industry reach more users?

Each industry has specific target audiences and different search intents. Implementing SEO best practices tailored to your industry needs can help you attract users from all stages of their customer journey and improve your chances of converting them.

What if my industry is not on this list?

We only included industries for which we have previous experience as we don’t want to create false expectations and sell ourselves as experts in all fields. We want to develop a transparent relationship with our clients and provide value with our expertise. If you still want to collaborate with us and your industry is not on this page, feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

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