Local SEO Services & Strategy

We can create a Local SEO Strategy to help your users find you easier

local seo

Here is how we can help you

  • Technical SEO optimization where we implement the standard best practices in order to make the website accessible and indexable + make sure the speed is decent
  • Local Schema implementation → an important factor for rankings, we can adjust the JSON-LD code and add more schema entities depending on the website/business 
  • Citation Management → we make sure that the business is present on relevant local directories and maintains the correct NAP info across all of them
  • KW Research that’s mainly focused on local intent queries + depending on how big the website/business we can also include more general queries (that might be used for future blog articles)
  • KW categorization by search intent and KW to content mapping, so that we make sure we then create pages for each relevant topic that the business can target