Our Process has 4 main steps

seo process

The SEO Process that we developed at Mixtazure has 4 steps:

  1. Analyze the website and learn about the business
  2. Audit the website and research relevant topics
  3. Create an SEO strategy based on our findings
  4. Start implementing the strategy & analyze the results

1. Analyze the website & business using a holistic approach

We take a holistic approach when looking at the website and business of our clients. We want to properly learn about the existing status and plans, get insights about how the website performed in the past, and learn the needed information about the business and its industry.

Optimizing a website needs to combine what the users search for, with what the business wants to achieve.

2. Audit the website for technical issues & research relevant content topics

Having a solid technical foundation for your website is necessary for developing good organic growth. We will crawl your website, look for any technical errors, check the indexation status of your pages, test the rendering of your pages, and many other technical issues that might hinder growth.

After the technical stuff, we will start researching organic keywords and relevant topics for you to target. The main purpose is to create a topical map for your website, in order for Google and users to understand what your website (and business) is all about.

3. Create an SEO strategy based on the previous findings

Creating a proper SEO strategy is necessary for every website. The strategy will be based on what we find in the previous steps and will focus on solving any technical issues that were found, and on creating content based on our keywords & topical research.

Each website is different, and its SEO strategy will need to be adapted to it. You will need to focus on the things that actually provide value and move the needle, and disregard what’s not applicable.

4. Start executing the strategy, adapt on the go & measure results

After the SEO strategy is defined, we will start implementing it together with your team. Teamwork makes the dream work, so we want to always collaborate with our clients and make sure that the proper items are implemented.

We will continuously check the results and report on the progress. Depending on the search environment, we’ll adapt the strategy and our approach so that we’re keeping up with competitors.

The benefits of our SEO process and approach

We believe that our process can bring the following benefits:

  • Have a better technical foundation for the website, with tangible improvements to your overall speed
  • Create content that has real chances to rank in the top results, and is relevant for your business and users
  • Generate more organic traffic from search engines and further develop your brand
  • Improve your revenue or lead-generation efforts by being visible on relevant pain points that the users might search for
  • Develop long-term relationships with other websites and businesses
  • Improve your own knowledge of SEO, so that you can start to develop unique insights and frameworks for your teams
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