Mixtazure is not your typical SEO agency. Patrik and Alex are dedicated to building strong relationships with their clients and collaborators, and they always look for that same level of passion and dedication in others. If you’re looking for a friendly, down-to-earth SEO agency that truly cares about your success, look no further.


The power of SEO

Mixtazure is an SEO agency founded by two friends, Patrik Rojan and Alexandru Drimba. They both share a passion for everything SEO related, and always push themselves to learn new techniques and strategies.

Mixtazure was created because they both wanted to share their SEO knowledge, and help businesses grow their organic traffic, get more customers & improve their revenue.

At Mixtazure, Patrik and Alex focus solely on SEO services. They believe SEO is the cornerstone for any successful digital marketing strategy. They’re both super passionate about SEO and always stay on top of the latest trends and news.

Their approach is simple and client-focused. They start by understanding their clients’ goals and challenges, and then they develop personalized SEO strategies that are backed by data-driven insights. They also use their analytical skills to ensure that their strategies are effective and efficient.


Patrik Rojan SEO Specialist

Patrik Rojan

Co-founder & Senior SEO Strategist

Want to hear how I started my path in the SEO Playground? You are in the right place. Patrik, a marketing addict who wants everything to be optimized. That’s the first motto I ever invented about myself.

I started to learn about digital marketing in 2018 after graduating from Business Administration and getting selected for the Google Digital Academy, one of the best in Europe.

After some years in a corporation and more than 300 managed websites, I continued as a senior SEO in an agency where I learned that I could do more for our clients. That’s the main reason why I and Alex wanted to start an agency where we can give the best services based on our experience.

With more than 6+ years of experience, I managed to build the best-personalized strategies based on the client’s needs. Besides the corporation job, I also worked as a freelancer for some years, where I had the opportunity to work in different industries and solve all the challenges.

We inhale and exhale SEO every day, so let us help you with it.

Alexandru Drimba

Co-founder & Senior SEO Technical Strategist

I like doing SEO, but oh man, it’s hard to explain what I do for a living to friends and non-tech people. I heard about digital marketing in my student years and then went through Google’s Digital Garage courses. In my graduation year, I managed to land a 3-months SEO internship that kick-started my career in digital marketing.

Fast-forward to the present, with 5+ years of experience in the SEO game, I can humbly say that all the work & experiences helped me to develop a solid understanding of the organic search ecosystem and the digital needs an organization has.

I’m an organized & analytical person, and I always apply the same principles when working with clients in order to implement the best available strategies that have the most impact on improving organic exposure & traffic.

Together with my friend Patrik, we decided to embark on a new journey and created Mixtazure. We’re here to help you and your business grow organically and get more customers & revenue. We’re passionate about our work and everything that’s SEO-related, and we look for the same passion in our collaborators.

Psst, hey, want to hear my favorite SEO joke? Why did the SEO cross the road? To get hit by traffic 🙂

alexandru drimba seo
Melissa Tataran

Melissa Tataran

Junior SEO Specialist

I took the opportunity and started learning about SEO and how Google works. I received a lot of support & help from Alex&Patrik and managed to get a good grasp on the field. I was even able to find a similarity between SEO and Psychology, which I am still studying as a final year student in my Master’s degree.

After I started my career transition and slowly applied the theory, I can now say that I found a new work passion for the SEO field. Making sure that a website is properly optimized and people can find answers to their questions hits very close to home, as my previous expertise in Psychology and Recruiting are very similar.

Antonia Meszaros

Junior SEO Specialist

My name is Antonia and I am 3rd year in Business Administration. In the 1st year, I developed a passion for the digital field, especially for Digital Marketing. Over the years I accessed opportunities that helped me develop further, such as learning web design, creating a website for someone close to me, and an internship in digital marketing, which helped me understand more aspects of digital and advertising and more webinars and courses.

The opportunity to work at Mixtazure helped me develop another passion – that of SEO. Thanks to Patrik and Alex, I’ve encountered this term several times in my career, but never really delved into it until now.

Antonia Meszaros
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