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The three steps for a perfect SEO Audit

Website Check

We analyze your website and look for any technical issues that might affect your indexing, check existing content and On-Page optimizations and look at existing rankings and organic traffic. Having a clean and objective view of your performance is the 1st step in scaling organically.

Industry Check

We benchmark your current performance with industry standards and our previous experience with a similar website like yours. Every industry has specific trends and best practices that are effective, and we always mold ourselves to each client.

Competitors Check

Keeping an eye on your competitors is essential, especially in B2B niches where each competition is harsh. We analyze your competitors and compare their performance with yours. We then aggregate SEO-related insights that can be included in your strategy for your benefit.

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What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is the 1st step in assessing the current organic performance of a website. The audit looks at key SEO elements from the following 3 main areas: Technical SEO, On Page SEO, and Off Page SEO. Any issues that are found will be explained and put together into an actionable plan to fix them.

How do you use an SEO Audit?

The SEO audit is a key part in building a great SEO strategy, as it presents the current standing of a domain and prioritizes fixes for any discovered issue (be it technical or on page/off page related). It can also uncover insights on previous organic performance and provide building blocks for future business strategies.

Why apply for a Free Starter Audit?

Our free Starter SEO Audit is a quick overview of your organic performance and focuses on the main SEO elements that need fixing. We will look at crawling/indexing issues, check current rankings and existing on page optimizations, and also take a look at technical elements that influence the speed score and Core Web Vitals.

What tools do we use for an SEO Audit?

The main tools that we use for any type of SEO audit are the following: Screaming Frog, ahrefs, SEMRush, Page Speed Insights, GT Metrix, and Rich Results Test. Depending on the complexity of the analyzed website, we can use other SEO tools if needed.

What is the difference between a Free Starter Audit and Full SEO Audit?

The starter audit will only look at some key areas of your website and how they affect your organic performance, while the full SEO audit will deep dive into all corners of your website, tech stack, organic performance, content & links. We provide the starter audit for free, the full SEO audit is part of our paid services

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